Practicing Law in Kansas and Missouri since 1994

Attorney Stacee Cohn Bright, licensed in Kansas and Missouri, practices in the areas of Landlord Tenant Law, Fair Housing Issues, Real Estate Sales and Acquisions, Corporate Law and Debt Collection. more

Kansas and Missouri Landlord Tenant Law

When landlords and tenants enter into rental or lease agreements they must follow laws established by state courts. The laws cover items like security deposits, safe dwellings, collecting rent and evictions. Understanding the laws can help you get the benefits you are legally entitled to. more

Fair Housing Law

Attorney Stacee Cohn Bright provides legal counsel for landlords and rental property owners in Kansas and Missouri regarding Fair Housing issues. She provides personal and confidential services specifically designed for landlords.more

Legal Expertise

We have attorneys on demand that practice law nationwide to deal with city, county, state, federal, and tenant issues our clients face everyday when buying, managing and selling real estate.

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The Landlord Attorney

Stacee Cohn Bright has been representing landlords and property managers in Kansas and Missouri since 1994.

If you have questions about leases, notices, problem tenants, abandoned property, or want to get possession of leased premises back from a tenant, please contact our office for more information.

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Landlord Tenant Law


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Fair Housing Issues


Need advice on how to comply with Fair Housing regulations?

Business Organization


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